Starting a small business in Myanmar

Poor ladies and survivors in Yangon

Paula Foundation supported 800.000 MMK (470€) to the New Candle women self-help group which is founded and empowered by Women’s Federation for Peace (WFFP) in 18th December 2018.

New candle was founded with (13) members of poor ladies and survivors, in Yangon. WFFP conducted gender and women rights trainings, building capacity for income generation and small business (making soaps and handicraft) and initiate their own enterprise as catering service.

To empower the women, members of Candle Light who survived after gender-based violence and women with low standard of living to be able to initiate small business by themselves.
During the end of December and early January, the New Candle collected raw materials and processing of their products: Burmese Food, Soap and Handicrafts.

Now, the products are ready to introduce in the market.

Preparation of raw materials and processing to produce Burmese Food (Fried Fry Shrimp)

Processing to produce Liquid Soap and Handicrafts

The Final Products of Candle Light are ready to introduce in the market